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scented firestarters

scented firestarters

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"These things seriously work and they look so fancy and smell amazing. I have taken them camping, to friends house for fire pit time, and have given them as gifts. I love them!" - Necey L.

These all-natural fire starters are made with our cut off wicks, our proprietary coconut wax blend, the paper towels that we use to clean the wax from our pouring pitchers, and aromatic elements from nature. 

Combined with dry kindling, they will make an outdoor fire in minutes and will smell like the season while doing it. 
Each one is a bit different, but they are all beautiful and make a perfect gift. 
Get some friends together around the fire pit and make sure someone brings the marshmallows! 

Now with a new mini size, perfect for small outdoor or indoor fires!

HOW TO USE: Start with dry kindling, small sticks, or dry leaves, and set underneath a
teepee formation of firewood.
Place the fire starter in the middle and under the kindling.
Light the wick and the paper covering and wait for the magic.
Each one is scented with spice, cinnamon, and all things autumn.

Large size not tested in indoor fireplaces, use with caution! 

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