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  • Donna Polk ★★★★★

    We love everything we have purchased from Sweet Cedar! My favorites are their candles, wax melts, and of course their soap. I have never had a candle burn so well! The smells are amazing... Erin and Sophie have created some amazing products that are definitely worth trying! I can't wait to see what they create next.

  • Sarah Hawkey ★★★★★

    My husband has eczema and dry skin overall but ever since using sweet cedar bars of soap it has completely went away. When he ran out recently and used something else he immediately noticed the dry skin coming back so we’ve decided sweet cedar soap it is from now on! We love the variety of scents and look forward to trying new ones! Not to mention one bar usually last a few weeks.

  • Robin McCray ★★★★★

    Of all the candles I’ve purchased, both high end and more cost effective, Sweet Cedar is not only the cleanest burning but also the longest burning candles I’ve ever experienced. I’ve been burning this candle on and off for almost 6 weeks. Not only is the scent amazing, but I was easily able to scrape out the small amount that was left and split it between 2 wax warmers. There was no way that last bit was going to waste!

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