The Candle Bar

Tap into your sense of smell and flex your creativity by making a hand-poured, scented candle at Sweet Cedar & Company's Candle Bar. 
The whole candle-pouring experience takes about 45 minutes to an hour and depends on how quickly you’re able to choose your combination of scents. The environmentally and health-friendly candles are made with coconut and soy wax, cotton wicks, and clean burning fragrance oils.
If you’re with a group of four or less, you can drop in to make your own candle during our business hours: Tuesday through Saturday: 11 AM-5 PM. For details on larger groups, read on.
As soon as you arrive, you’re given a clipboard with instructions that lays out the fun process, which includes four main steps. 
Step One: Choose your container
First up is picking a container for your candle. 
There are several types of holders that come in a few different shapes. The price of making a candle depends on the price of the container you select, which range from $15 to $40.
Once you decide on your vessel, let us know which one you picked and we will grab it from the back as well as the corresponding wick that fits your jar. 
Step Two: Blend your Scents
Here you’ll sniff your way through a variety of our fragrance oils to decide which scents to include in your creation. You can smell as many as you’d like, from lavender to sandalwood, money to vanilla, and much more. 
There are 40 different scents to choose from, so you’re bound to find a few you like. Perhaps a couple of fragrances will bring back memories or even evoke emotion. 
We have each fragrance in a spray bottle and a jar of test papers close by. All you do is spray the ones you like to combine, to make your blend. You can mix up to three of your favorite scents in a candle. One spray is a part, so for example, if you pick vanilla, peach, and sandalwood and do a spray of each, your blend will be equal parts of each oil. Likewise, if you like it heavier on peach, do two sprays of it, and one spray of the other two, making your blend 2 parts peach, and 1 part each of the sandalwood and vanilla. This may read as kind of confusing, but we promise it isn't, and we are there to help if needed!
After blending your perfect scent, grab a dixie cup and head to the fragrance shelf, where we have the oils in bottle with pumps. Find your fragrances and pump the amount you need for your jar into your dixie cup. If you have multiple fragrances, make sure you allot enough pumps. For example: if your jar requires 10 pumps and you will be using 2 fragrances, each fragrance will be 5 pumps.
Step Three: Combine it all at the Candle Bar
After you select your container, you’ll sit down at the Candle Bar where you will wick your jar and wait for us to retrieve a cup of hot wax. Add your fragrances and stir for 30 seconds and pour into your jar. We will help you stabilize your wick after you pour the wax and we will take the candle to the shelf to cool.
Step Four: Create your own unique label
While your hand-poured candle sets, you can make your own custom label! We provide blank stickers and colored markers for you to design a label as unique as your candle. You could list your fragrances, draw a picture, give your candle a name, or do all three. 
After you’ve put your finishing touches on your label, all you have to do is wait for your candle to set, which takes about 60 minutes. While you wait, you can grab a bite to eat at a nearby restaurant or shop around. 
Our unique candle-pouring experience is enjoyable for all ages and walks of life, though younger kids may need help from parents. The Candle Bar is the perfect spot for dates, group outings, birthday parties, wedding festivities, or simply to shop for pre-made candles.
Reservations aren’t required for groups of four or less, but if you have five or more in your party, you’ll want to make a reservation ahead of time. Simply give us a call with the details of your party, and we will work together to make it happen!