The Scent Bar

Tap into your sense of smell and flex your creativity by making a super fun, scented sand wax candle, car fresheners, perfumes, and more  at Sweet Cedar & Company's Scent Bar. 
The whole experience takes about 30 minutes, but depends on how quickly you’re able to choose your combination of scents.
The environmentally and health-friendly candles are made with a granulated coconut and soy wax, cotton wicks, and clean burning fragrance oils.
If you’re with a group of six or less, you can drop in to make your own candle during our business hours: Tuesday through Saturday: 11 AM-5 PM. For details on larger groups, please contact us.
scent bar at sweet cedar and company
sand wax candle bar
scent bar directions
sand wax candle directions

A Unique Mother-Daughter Trio

We are the newest owners of Sweet Cedar and Co. We are a unique mother-daughter trio that have been farming in Greenbrier County, WV since 2003. We have always had a love for soap and are so excited to take on this new adventure together!

For a small background on what we do: Gwen (pictured left) is a current k9 police officer, Claire (middle) is a large animal veterinary technician and owner of The Coffee Cauldron in Blacksburg, Va, and Lynne (pictured right) is our amazing mother who has worked in financial services, taught in schools and now teaches quilting and embroidery at a local quilt shop.

While we are planning to keep most of our items the same, we are hoping to introduce some fun and new ideas!