Today is our birthday! - Sweet Cedar & Co.

Today is our birthday!

October 15th is not only my birthday, but it's also the day we launched Sweet Cedar back in 2019. The last two years have been an exciting whirlwind with some big surprises (I'm lookin' at you covid)!

We have gone from soap and a few bath and body products, to a full line that includes skincare, sustainable household cleansers, and the best candles around.

We have had to pivot in a lot of ways, first with the closure of businesses just two days after we opened our retail shop, to changing packaging more times than we can count because of the sourcing problems within the packaging industry.
We have shipped to all 50 states, have multiple wholesale accounts and private label deals, have done many corporate gift sets, lots of wedding and shower favors, and have been featured in a few publications.

The best part? We have one of the biggest return customer rates in our industry on our website and in our shop! That's a huge deal and lets us know that all the stressing over every detail from packaging to customer service, the long and late hours, the testing, and the research, has been for good reason. People love our products and keep coming back for more. That thrills us to no end and we want to keep that going forever.

We have a few exciting things in store in the coming weeks. Our skincare line is being streamlined and some really nice, high end products have been developed.
We also have a new hair care collection that we have been formulating for months, so expect it to hit shelves early next week.

As a birthday gift to you, use code "HAPPYBDAY" tonight and tomorrow for 25% off your order! Remember, we will be closed tomorrow(Saturday the 16th) for a band competition. If you order for pickup, it should be available for you to grab on Monday. Shipments will go out Monday as well.

Thank you all for being so supportive of this business. I eat, sleep, and breathe it and it is very rewarding to know that it is appreciated!

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Happy birthday!

Mallory Hensley

Happy Birthday….

Cathy Mencer

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