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Summer Haircare Guide

As the summer season arrives, whether you're on vacation or just spending time outside, your hair faces new challenges. Summer brings heat, humidity, and exposure to sun, uv rays, chlorine, and saltwater (oh my!) If you leave your hair untouched, this exposure can lead to frizziness, dryness, color fading, and damage to your locks. Lucky for you, we have a range of all-natural, handmade haircare products that can help your hair survive the summer! Here are some tips to really protect and nourish your hair with our line of haircare products.

    1. Pre-Swim Hair Protection: Whether you're swimming in the ocean, pool, or lake, swimming can do horrible damage to your hair! To protect your hair, rinse with cool water and condition before swimming, using our All Natural Conditioner Bars. For an extra added barrier of water resistant protection, spray your hair down with our Leave in Conditioner + Detangler Spray. This will stop the chlorine or salt water from attacking the natural oils of your hair. And of course, putting your hair in a ponytail can help as well!

    2. Post-Swim Hair Care Routine: Caring for your hair after swimming is just as, if not more important than your pre-swim hair routine. After swimming, rinse hair thoroughly and wash with our gentle and sulfate-free All Natural Shampoo Bars. Follow up with our Deep Moisture Conditioning Hair Mask to really pack in the moisture and renew your hair. 

    3. Protection from the Sun and UV Rays: Leaving your hair unprotected from the sun can lead to brittle hair, dryness, and damage. To protect your locks, be sure to keep your hair moisturized with our Hydrating Hair Serum (a little goes a looong way!) And of course, everytime you're out in the sun, be sure to wear SPF on any exposed skin, and wear a hat when you can!

    4. Taming Frizz: For anyone who has frizzy hair, summer humidity is a nightmare! I unfortunately know the feeling of spending forever styling my hair before going out, only to step outside for a minute and have all my hard work ruined and frizzy! Our Hydrating Hair Serum is a super-rich blend of natural oils that not only tames frizz, but makes your hair super moisturized and shiny!

So, get out there and enjoy the summer, while also protecting and nourishing your hair! 

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