Morrocan Hammam Exfoliating Glove


No matter how often you cleanse, moisturize, and treat your skin it will never achieve that beautiful healthy rich glow without proper dead skin removal. Our Moroccan glove helps remove old skin cells and other debris and particles from your skin. This will expose the healthy cells and rid your body of the old ones.

Discover the vibrant healthy glow of your skin the natural way. The glove’s unique natural rayon crepe fabric quickly and gently gets rid of surface layer dead skin, impurities, and excess oil and is necessary for healthy vibrant skin. The energetic massage will leave your skin rejuvenated and refreshed. An essential part of a Moroccan skincare routine it is essential to scrub at least twice per month. These gloves will last for many sessions. Machine washable too!


Deep Cleans - Great skin must start with good hygiene. Exfoliation removes all unwanted dirt, grime, and dead skin cells.

Self-tanning and Tattoo maintenance- this is a must to prepare the skin for the perfect, smooth application of your favourite self-tanning product. Exfoliation is an essential part of your self-tanning routine. Tattoos require attention too and exfoliation keeps them smooth and clear.

Dry bumpy skin and ingrown hair- regular exfoliation with the glove helps break down and polish your skin by removing unwanted bumps and irregularities.

Skin Moisturizing - Exfoliation is important to remove dead skin and reveal healthy younger skin. This also allows for better absorption for your favorite moisturizer - we love Our Moisturizing Milk as the perfect daily lotion. 

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