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There’s a reason mud-masking has been around for centuries. Vitamin and mineral-rich, good-for-you earth is easily one of the best things you can slather on your skin. Plus, clay masks feel great, and they’re practically made for easy at-home use.

Our four versions are packed full of clays from all over the world, as well as fruit and flower powders, milk powders, and lots of other skin-loving ingredients.

Inside the box is an info card with directions and liquid suggestions that you can mix into the powders.

Cocoa Banana Oatmeal (sensitive skin)

Pineapple Matcha Coconut (oily skin)

Strawberry Rose Hibiscus (combination skin)

Honey Carrot Chamomile (mature or dry skin)

Why they are special

Our clay masks are 100% natural, vegan (except for the honey carrot), cruelty-free, and formulated WITHOUT:

  • Parabens

  • Phthalates

  • Mineral Oil

  • Synthetic Fragrance


Cocoa Banana Oatmeal-kaolin clay, organic banana powder, colloidal oatmeal powder, and cocoa powder.

Pineapple Matcha Coconut-dead sea clay, bentonite clay, french green clay, organic pineapple powder, matcha powder, coconut milk powder.

Honey Carrot Chamomile-rhassoul clay, kaolin clay, organic carrot powder, honey powder, and chamomile powder.

Strawberry Rose Hibiscus-kaolin clay, rose clay, organic strawberry powder, hibiscus powder, rose hip powder, rose petal powder.

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