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Flannel Sheets Large Candle

Flannel Sheets Large Candle

"Of all the candles I've purchased, both high end and more cost effective Sweet Cedar is not only the cleanest burning, but also the longest burning candles I've ever experienced." - Robin M.

Scent notes-

fresh laundry • soft musk • amber

Made with our proprietary coconut cream and soy wax blend, our super-scented candles burn clean and are made without any paraffin or phthalates. With proper wick trimming, they burn longer and cleaner than other wax blends, about 1- to 15% longer for the same volume.

With a beautiful jar and a classic textured label, these candles will make any space look classy and cozy.

Why you'll love it

Our custom coconut and soy wax blend is heavily scented with phthalate-free fragrances and is clean burning. When the wick is trimmed and burned properly, they will last over 50 hours.


Coconut wax, soy wax, phthalate free fragrances, and cotton wicks.

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