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The holidays kicked our butts!

2021 was an unbelievable year for us, and from Thanksgiving until New Years day, it was like nothing we'd ever seen! We literally could not keep product on the shelves. I would produce jar after jar of a something, take it out to the shelves, and in a day, it was gone. People were buying in bulk, like ten foot creams for all of their friends, or 25 lip butters for all of the kids in their class. And that wasn't just happening in the shop. Online sales were insane too and we were shipping upwards of 25 packages a day, all over the country.

Needless to say, at the start of January, we were tired, like really, really tired. We also had decided to rebrand a bit for the new year and started talking about taking a big leap by ordering custom labels for every product. This is a giant step for any brand, and requires a bit of work and a good bit of money. We decided to go for it and once we started receiving the labels, we were so glad we did! 

Up until now, we printed all of our labels ourselves onto "waterproof" label material with a pretty fancy printer. This was ok, but the labels were definitely NOT waterproof! Water resistant at best, and absolutely not oil resistant. This fact made me crazy, as I want your product container to look the same from day one, until the day you (hopefully) recycle the container. If you have ever bought deodorant, or facial oil, for instance, you know. The labels look terrible if they get some oil on them. I hated it, and felt that it cheapened our brand. Now, your products will look amazing until the end. 

We also have had numerous requests to wholesale to other boutiques and spas in the last two years, and we just didn't feel like we were ready to do that until we took this step. We will soon be ready for that and have a goal to gain at least 26 accounts in 2022.

Along with these changes, I have also re-formulated a few products to be even better. Our body butter, foot cream, and moisturizing milk no longer contain silicones, and they are even more amazing than before. The body wash is so bubbly now, that you barely need any to get the job done, the face wash is thicker and creamier, and the lip butter is smoother and more long lasting. Packaging is more thought out and easier to use. For example, all of the jars have flip-top lids, so no more fumbling with a lid while trying to shave your legs. The serums are in bottles with treatment pumps, and the carpet freshener will be in a jar with a shaker lid. 


We also have a few new and super exciting products. An after-shower spray lotion for those of us who don't relish in applying lotion all over, a super-rich whipped shea butter that is perfect for stretch marks and making any rough skin smooth again, and a nourishing cuticle oil that makes nails look amazing.  


We have really spent the last two years focusing on what you want and need, what sells the best, and what doesn't work for our market. We think this new "rebrand" hits the high notes on all the good stuff, and we cannot wait to hear feedback from you too! 

These are just a few new changes that make us even better than before and we cannot wait to have you see it all! We will be opening back up tomorrow, January 11th, with an almost complete re-stock. We did have an issue with some of the labels taking a little longer, so there is a handful of products that are behind schedule. Expect everything to be live by hopefully this weekend or early next week at the latest.

All the best and thanks for a great two years!

Erin & Sophie


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I love Sweet Cedar. These ladies are the best and their product are wonderful. They have been my go to gift for all of our friends and family celebrations and everyone has loved them. Their customer service is fantastic.

Denise Burgess

We are going to be in your area again in mid July! I cant wait to see all your updates! In the mean time I’m going to order some spray lotion. When we were there in September I bought your Flipper Fluff and some fire starters. Love them all!

Mary Olinger

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